Osaka Kansai Airport comes to a standstill as Typhoon Jebi wreaks havoc

Osaka Kansai International Airport remains closed after Typhoon Jebi made landfall in Japan on Tuesday, bringing with it a path of destruction across western Japan.

Images and video from the airport showed the runway completely submerged in water, while the apron of several aircraft hangs over several feet of water.

The transport ministry said the airport closed all of its runways at noon and shut down the entire facility at 3pm due to flooding, with the basement floor of the Terminal 1 building having sustained serious damage as a result of the water. Parts of the airport are also without power.

Compounding the issue, a cargo tanker crashed into the only bridge connecting the airport’s artificial island with the mainland, leaving thousands stranded at the airport.

Mass flight cancellations at Kansai

More than 700 scheduled flights have been cancelled, according to Japanese media reports. The airport said it expects to reopen its runways on September 6 at the earliest.

At least eight people have died and over 150 injured as a result of the typhoon, which has been the strongest to hit Japan in 25 years.

Some 177,000 customers across western Japan have lost power, with the Japanese government having issued evacuation plans for almost 300,000 people.