Airlines ground 737 MAX 8 as Ethiopian flight recorders recovered

ethiopian 737 max 8 crash

Investigators have announced that the flight recorders from the Ethiopian Airlines aircraft that crashed on Sunday have been recovered. The devices recovered from the Boeing 737 MAX-8 include the cockpit voice recorder and digital flight data recorder.

Flight ET302, en route from Addis Ababa to the Kenyan capital, Nairobi, crashed six minutes after takeoff, killing all 157 people on board.

Airlines ground 737 MAX 8 as Boeing’s stocks plummet

Several airlines have grounded their 737 MAX aircraft following the second MAX 8 disaster in just five months.

Lion Air 610 crashed into the Java Sea late last October following suspected instrument failure, killing all 189 passengers and crew on board.

Though the cause of the Ethiopian crash remains unknown, China’s Civil Aviation Administration ordered local airlines to halt all flights of 737 MAX 8s, stating that the two crashes had “some degree of familiarity.”

More than 90 are in use by Chinese carriers including Air China, China Eastern Airlines, and China Southern Airlines.

Cayman Airways also grounded its two Boeing aircraft of the same type.

air china 737 max 8

Mary Schiavo, former Inspector General of the US Transportation Department, dubbed the crash “highly suspicious.”

“Here we have a brand-new aircraft that’s gone down twice in a year. That rings alarm bells in the aviation industry because that just doesn’t happen.”

After last October’s crash, Boeing sent an emergency notice to airlines warning them of a problem with the anti-stall system.

Several North American airlines have said they are monitoring the investigation. Southwest Airlines currently flies the most 737 MAX’s out of any airline, with 31 in its fleet. Meanwhile, American Airlines and Air Canada each have 24 in their fleet.

Shares in Boeing have fallen by 9% in the wake of the crash. The company lost as much as $21 billion in its market capitalisation following the news.